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Over a year ago we decided to put a plan into action. It was time to really buckle down and think about ways we could reduce our waste. I will admit, it stemmed from a Netflix show about recycling ( my apologies because I don't recall the name of the series). Although we knew on the surface that we were not really doing all we could to reduce waste, I don't think I truly understood that recycling has some good and bad. But that's something we can get into much deeper on another day because there is soooo much to say on THAT subject!

Anyways, the goal was to think about, and put a plan of action into place. We thought about 3 main places that we create a lot of waste in. The first being our coffee addiction. We realized that at minimum we were buying 2 mochas a day...thus throwing 2 cups into the landfill every day. Not to mention the expense! So, we invested in an Espresso machine. We paid for it in the first month of having it, used reusable coffee mugs or insulated coffee cups and saved all that waste. We also signed up for milk delivery and found that our milk cartons were 100% recyclable ( bonus!) and we were supporting local farmers. I sure miss having the milk delivered now that we live in the Midwest, but, I digress.

Our second place that we knew we could cut down on our waste was single use plastics. We purchased a starter kit from Blueland and so far we've saved 18 plastic hand soap containers from going into the landfill. There are many great companies out there that are similar in concept, but we've been really happy with Blueland. We've also purchased silicone bags to take the place of ziplock bags. I don't even want to think about how many thousands of ziplock bags we've thrown away over the years. No, really, I'm ashamed to even venture a guess.

Third, we use a lot of paper towels. A LOT!!! I've been sewing unpaper towel sets for years, but only used them sporadically in my own home. It took some getting used to, but now we use our unpaper towels for everything...including our cloth napkins at dinner time. We've saved a lot of money, and they look cute too!

There are other smaller ways we are reducing our waste, and I'm always curious what others are doing to reduce waste. It's hard to snap out of the convenience of things, but it sure feels good to do our part!