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The Sunday skinny

It's Sunday, again! The night before the kidlets go back to school. Less than two weeks left. Then the summer time madness begins. We've been thinking a lot about what to do this summer while fostering the sense of family. The little is going to attend some camps ( an invention camp and a learn to farm camp) so that is very exciting and appeals to his personality. We are excited to have the camp trailer and hope to use it a lot this summer, weather permitting. The tall one found some mid-week activities a short drive from our house and I hope we can spend some summer nights out in the back yard playing games and roasting marshmallows. We've worked hard to make the back patio a more useable space ( thanks tall one!!!). I'm curious to hear about your summer plans. I wish we had endless money to take vacations. We are constantly dreaming about the next trip to take. Well, lets be honest, we are plotting about how to get back to Kauai again, but I believe that's every person who has had a chance to visit the island.

Hope your week was productive and full of joy. It's easy to get caught up in the chaos of work and all of our responsibilities, but there are not any people I'd rather be with. I'm so lucky I get to say goodnight and good morning to my favorite tall guy. And I'm so incredibly grateful that I get to work from home and I have someone who supports my hopes and dreams. I wish you all the same happiness.

xo, Mama J.